Hayden Post Office - Hayden, Idaho Post Office Is Aweful

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The people that work in the Hayden, Idaho Post Office are rude.I never really have a pleasant experience there.

And I rarely go there. That says a lot. The gal with the blonde hair and nose piercing needs to work on her customer service skills. Wow is she unpleasant.

She rudely responded when I asked if her line was open was "I DON'T DO RETAIL." With out even looking at me and turning around and walking away. I'm assuming by when she says "retail" it means she doesn't do customer service... and I can see why. And the darker skinned dude with tattoos isn't all tht nice either.

There are thousands of un-employed people out there who would love to have these people's job's. I say, LET'S GET THEM IN THERE! Lets get rid of these people who are so privileged to have a good job, that so SUCK at it and lets employ the unemployed who would be 99% better at your job.

If you can not maintain good customer service skills then you don't deserve that job.I am tired of dealing with people in "professional" enviornments that are rude.

Review about: Customer Service.


Seattle, Washington, United States #1202435

Ha ha I just read this!You are such a ***!

If you knew anything at all you self entitled POS you would know better than to post anything about postal employees!I will make sure you never get your mail again!


Yes...Today I tracked a very fragile item I shipped to Hayden.

It was scheduled to be delivered Friday. Saturday, I tracked this item to find an UNDELIVERABLE AS ADDRESSED tracking message. To my customer in Hayden, who receives several items daily. The carrier..

a problem carrier probably found by the nearest dumpster... Dumping and/or pillaging our shipments!


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